Office Hours

How can I help?

  • Each week, I set aside an hour for open office hours to chat with people new to the design industry.

I don’t have all the answers. There’s a lot I’m working on improving about myself and my business. But, I’ve made a few things, worked with some people, started a few companies, and I’ve survived! There are so many people that have shared their experiences with me along the way, and it’s a privilege to be able to share my experiences with others.

What is the experience like?

We’ll have a ½ hour video conversation where we can talk about anything you want. I’ve listed a few suggested topics below based on things I have experience with, but the conversations are open and flexible to your needs.

Who you are

These conversations are completely open to anyone. But people who might get the most out of them might be:

  • Young designers
  • People considering a career change to working on the web
  • Someone considering leaving their full-time job
  • Freelancers looking to grow their business

Who you are not

The purpose of this is to help people new in the design industry. Please keep these time slots available for those who want to learn. If you'd like to talk about a potential project, I'm happy to chat. But please reach out to my through my contact form.

What’s this going to cost me?

A good deed. I ask everyone I talk with to commit to doing at least one good deed within 24 hours of our conversation. That's it. Just give the good will back.

The one request I have is that if we have a particularly interesting conversation, I can write about our discussion in an article (you’ll remain anonymous).

What can we talk about?

I'm an open book! And happy to chat about basically anything. But a few topics that might be relevant, based on my experience are:

  • Design work
  • Presenting to clients
  • Starting up a studio
  • Finding work
  • Positioning yourself
  • How to manage projects as a designer
  • Basketball
  • Transitioning from full-time to freelance
  • Time management
  • New York design scene
  • Anything you want!

Sign up for a Conversation

I'm excited about our conversation!

Before scheduling, please make sure you've read the information above and have an idea of what to expect. And please agree to the following: